Why Use an Insurance Broker

With A Broker, Your Needs Take Priority

Agents are authorized to sell only the products of the companies they work for. An independent broker, on the other hand, maintains relationships with several insurance companies. He or she will carefully assess your insurance needs, then search for the product that best meets your requirements. If your circumstances demand it, your broker will negotiate a tailor-made policy for you.

Your broker will make every effort to ensure you receive the most extensive coverage possible for the price paid. In fact, IBAO member brokers are bound by IBAO's Code of Ethics to obtain the best possible coverage for their clients. To remain licensed, a broker must meet RIBO requirements in daily practice and obtain additional education credits annually.

Simply put, working with a broker allows you to purchase customized insurance that would be impossible to access on your own, or to comparison shop for the product that gives you the best possible coverage.