Condo Advantage for Unit Owners

Comprehensive and Affordable Protection for your Personal Property

Recognizing the unique requirements you have as a Condominium Unit Owner, Gifford Associates is pleased to offer you one of the most comprehensive personal insurance products available.


  1. Gifford Advantage
    Hassle Free Claims Process:
    • Single Limit Policy
      Including personal property & additional living expenses
    • Loss Assessment Coverage
    • Unit Owners Contingent Coverage
      All Risk
    • Automatic $1,000,000 Limit of Liability
    • Incidental Business Property
      Up to $5,000 (while on premises)
    • Jewellery, Watches, Gems, Fur Garments
      Up to $6,000
    • Back-up from Sewer, Floor Drains or Sump Pump available
    • Automatic Food Freezer Coverage
    • Credit Card/Automated Teller
      Up to $10,000
    • All Risk Coverage on your Personal Property
    • Replacement Cost Settlement
    • Automatic Coverage for Students while at school
    • Bike Limits
    • Identity Theft Coverage available
  2. Multi-policy discount for Auto Insurance
  3. Premium reduction available for higher deductible


  • Personal Property
    All risk coverage with single limit and worldwide temporary off premises
  • Improvements & Betterments
    Covers improvements & betterments made or acquired by you
  • Unit Additional Protection
    Coverage for Condominium Corporation deductible for which you are responsible as a result of a covered loss in your unit
  • Loss Assessment Coverage
    Covers assessments made necessary by a covered loss to collectively owned Condominium Property
  • Additional Living Expenses
    50% of Personal Property Limit to cover any necessary increase in your living expenses should a covered loss make your unit unfit for occupancy
  • Personal Liability
    $1,000,000 on sums you are legally liable for caused by the unintentionable bodily injury or property damage arising out of your personal actions, and ownership, use or occupancy of your premises.
  • Voluntary Medical Payment
    $5,000 for reasonable medical expenses for someone accidentally injured on your premises and for which you are not legally liable
  • Voluntary Property Damage
    $1,000 for unintentional damage caused to property of others for which you are not legally liable

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TERRY MARKELL, VP Personal Lines and Programs